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"Buildings and gardens tell stories. In keeping with our motto: "visit-understand-preserve" we open up architecturally and historically extraordinary places and thus make architecture and history come alive".

Timo Riess, founder of Architekturerbe Österreich

Austria has a rich heritage of architecturally and historically significant buildings and gardens. Many objects are not accessible to the public, either because they are privately owned or because the owners lack the resources or know-how to open them up.

The understanding and significance of both building and garden architecture, as well as their history and stories, can best be conveyed by experiencing them on site.

The non-profit organisation ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE AUSTRIA therefore works together with owners, residents, architects, (art) historians and the local population to make places and their history tangible and understandable through guided tours, open days and publications.

ARCHITEKTURERBE ÖSTERREICH sees itself as a platform for all people and institutions interested in building and garden architecture as well as history.


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